Restaurant review: The Mill Kitchen and Bar, Roswell, Georgia

  • Posted on: 10 June 2013
  • By: Jay Oyster

Review of The Mill Kitchen and Bar in Roswell, Georgia, 6/8/2013 --

The Mill Kitchen & Bar, Roswell, GAMy wife and I went out for one of our all-to-infrequent nights out without the kids. We were hoping for a nice romantic meal with some good food and quiet conversation. The Mill turned out to be perfect.  The atmosphere was good for conversation and they have a wonderful area outside to sit. We opted for the inside dining room since we wanted to talk and the guitarist playing outside wasn't loud, but since we were escaping the kids, we opted for quiet. The inside is decorated well and, aside from a slightly strong smell of fried fish when we first entered, was wonderful. We ordered the cheese vegetable and meat selection as an appetizer. This was clearly local food and very unique. The Georgia prosciutto was fresh and flavorful and I liked the sweet/dill baby pickles and very fresh olives. My wife loved the slightly pickled okra slices and I loved the sliced figs. This was accompanied by a sliced bread which was crumbly but not terribly flavorful.

For the entree, we both ended up ordering the special, which was a lean beef dish with cut fries and a radish salad. The beef was a lean cut, which is often difficult to do well, but it was very tender and the sauce was wonderful. The chef actually stopped by our table after the meal to ask how things were, and we complimented him on the sauce. He seemed genuinely pleased at our reaction and told us it was a sweet tea and red wine vinegar reduction. 
Our server was a very nice woman who clearly loves the restaurant and was very enthusiastic about Tori Amos, EDM music, ghost stories, this restaurant, and particularly the local offerings on their menu. We finished our mealwith a blueberry cobbler with locally made chocolate gelato topping. The dessert was fabulous, warm and spongy, with crispy edges and not over-sweet. Overall, we had a wonderful time.